Bennington Brookstone’s Response to COVID-19

We wanted to assure our valued clients that Bennington Brookstone employees, partners, and the greater community are our #1 priority. While it is business as usual for us as a remote agency, we are operating with an abundance of caution to keep our team and the greater community safe.

Employees and Offices
First and foremost, we are here to support you and your business. Bennington Brookstone is operating as normal and will continue to service and support our customers and their business with no interruptions.

Our team works remotely. We have additionally decided to offer virtual meetings in place of face-to-face client meetings.

We are continuing to monitor this situation. We encourage remote employees to foster ongoing collaboration and connection. We remain, as a team, very positive yet vigilant. We are continuing to offer FREE consultations and unlimited support to our Bennington Brookstone clients to support their transition to e-commerce and or to remote selling strategies as needed.

We remain flexible in order to serve the needs of our people, clients, and partners. Thank you and be safe.